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This is a painting from the Covid 19 lockdown of 2020. I am very lucky because my studio is at the bottom of my lovely back garden. In England we were blessed with the most beautiful summer weather in May and I would be in and out of my studio, sometimes painting, sometimes gardening and feeling blessed that I could both enjoy the outside space with its exuberant colour and the sound of water, and also be in my very special place - my studio; losing myself in colour of a different kind. This painting is the joyful expression of the pleasure and the safety of my garden and with it my studio. This work rejoices in the sanctity, the preciousness and the beauty of my garden and my studio. The garden that nourishes the soul with its peace, colour and birdsong. The studio where I can break through, I can rage and express my frustration through self-expression.

Acrylic, mixed media and cold wax on cradled board,

Canvas size  50 x 50cms / 20" x 20"

Framed in natural wood, signed front and back


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