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For two weeks in late January I travelled to the Pacific coast of Mexico, I had signed up for an art retreat with the artist Robert Burridge whose work I have always enjoyed because of his playfulness, sense of colour and theatricality. I booked myself into a hotel in the centre of Puerto Vallarta for a week before the beginning of the retreat in order to acclimatise and to enjoy and see a little of Mexico. I was immediately enchanted. As with Morocco, the colours and the craziness of the environment immediately fed and entranced my senses, and I realised immediately how much I was going to enjoy the people and the vibe of the town. I was captivated by the charm, mischief and fun of the people, the light, life and colour of a beautiful Mexican town, and I ate too much delicious guacamole and drank the best Margaritas I have ever tasted.

The character pretending to be a tree above, is an iguana, the first I have ever seen.

Half way through the week I met Linda, a facebook painter friend who is now a real friend. Together we went on a whale watching trip where we saw both whales and dolphins. It happened to be my birthday that day so in the evening she treated me to dinner in the beautiful River Cafe. She told the restaurant it was my birthday and I was serenaded by a band of handsome Mexicans and given a birthday cake.

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