Valerie creates vibrant acrylic/mixed media paintings and prints. She spends most of the year working from her garden studio in Suffolk on the east coast of the UK. During the summer she moves to a studio in a French mountain village. A long journey exploring experimental printmaking, collage, and layered mixed media has gradually taken her in a more abstract direction.

"In France I work in a beautiful studio overlooking a medieval village and the mountains. I am surrounded by exuberant and colourful canvasses painted by my French relatives. The light is soft and the air pure; it is an inspiring place!
I love to draw and have always expressed myself in a figurative or semi-figurative way. Now, perhaps inspired by my time in France, I feel the need to let go of my old, comfortable ways of working and move into a less familiar, more abstract space. I need to push myself further to explore those dark, shadowy places lurking in the subconscious.
My most recent paintings on canvas and on paper are built up with layers of translucent colour using many applications of pigment and glaze. I add mixed media and collage then scrape back and rebuild so that veiled layers and images applied in the process finally reappear in the finished piece as ghostly suggestions. My work evolves organically and mysteriously even to myself. Symbolic images appear as if by magic. Music is the muse which transports the mind to the more abstract and subconscious place where time stands still."

Artist Statement

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