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Arts Groups, orginisations and workshops

     Sudbourne Park Printmakers: a group of East Anglian artists based in a well equipped workshop in rural Suffolk.

  • Eastfeast: Eastfeast offers a model for artist-teacher partnership work enabling the children to express their thoughts and experiences in a range of art forms through the growing cycle of seasons.

Charitable organisations
  • Divya Chaya Trust: a charity based in Kolkata working in many projects in Kolkata and Delhi.

  • Save A Child: channeling sponsorship and long-term support to deprived children in India.

  • Asha For Education: a voluntary group of students and professionals committed to improving the lives of underprivileged children in India through education.

Places where my work can be found
  • Snape Maltings: a delightful gallery in the Maltings complex of galleries and shops that hosts the Aldeburgh Music Festival in Suffolk.

  • Buckenham Gallery, Southwold: one of East Anglia's leading contemporary art galleries, Buckenham Galleries offers a wide variety of paintings, ceramics, jewellery, glass work, sculptures and bespoke furniture.

  • Saatchi Gallery: entry in the major web gallery of British Artists.

  • Alamy: Stock photography web site where my digital photographs can be purchased.

  • Genesis Art Gallery: Delhi & Kolkata.

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