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On March 23rd 2020 all our lives suddenly changed. The deadly Covid 19 pandemic which had begun in China quickly began to rage around the world. We were suddenly confined to our homes for an indefinite period. It was a terrifying time of confusion, lack of liberty and fear of the unknown, the virus was attacking anyone and everyone, though people of my age and older were always more at risk. Thus, many of us were plunged into a strange time of silence and solitude.

I was lucky, I needed to paint, so I took myself into my studio, turned on my music and found myself painting bigger, wilder canvasses than ever before.

There was nothing to lose, I had in my hands a wonderful tool for self-expression. These paintings perhaps illustrate the bewilderment and feeling of disconnection of that time. I certainly felt better for being able to lay out my confusion in visual form.

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