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Acrylic on canvas

100 x 70cms/ 39" x 28"

Framed in black wood


A very personal work painted in the time of Covid 19, 2020. I live alone now, I am finding the lack of contact, lack of touch and fear of others giving me a deadly disease; deeply stressful. I am gregarious, I love people, especially my sons, my wider family, and my dear friends. I dream vividly, often not very pleasant dreams which are confusing and hard to read. 

This work was painted quickly - trying to express the hole I felt within me at the lack of human contact. The feeling of being in a kind of prison with bars. My loved ones outside, unable to touch or physically connect with me.

This is what my painting is about. Love it, or hate it, creating this work got my feelings of impotence and - DISCONNECTION, off my chest.  I felt better having painted it. 

This painting comes framed in black wood and ready to hang.

Acrylic on canvas

100 x 70 cms


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