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I was working on two 100 x100cm canvas paintings in my studio in France, the day on August 2nd 2016, that my life changed forever.

The first, "AIRIE" I completed last year. It is full of love and mysticism.

The second, I had decided I would try to finish this summer. I had provisionally called it:


I was working on it and it was nearing completion when my musician friends, Lauranne and Didier invited me to show both canvasses in the church in Marie during their concert.

I agreed and that gave me an incentive to complete the painting.

"Mountain Labyrinth" is a complicated and expressive painting. In this piece I have expressed my anger, my continuing confusion and my deep sadness.

I managed to finish it just in time for the concert. This is the true meaning of the word for a french gallery opening: Vernissage = The varnishing!

Here are some images of my paintings in place in the church. It felt very powerful to see them there, as both canvasses are in memory of David and will stay in Marie and never be sold.

During the rehearsal
During the rehearsal

The two paintings in place for the rehearsal and the concert in the Eglise St Pons, Marie.

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