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I was hesitant to return to my house in France after the two years of pandemic, painful memories return with increased intensity in that little village in the French Alps. I was so kindly eased into it by the gallant work of my brother in law and his friend who worked tirelessly to clear the garden which had become a huge jungle, and to make sense of the house.

I was however so happy to find the beautiful studio waiting for me. That studio with its beautiful view over the village,

never fails to make me feel creatively hungry.,

Whilst there, I took the opportunity to work on and finish the 100 x 100cm canvas, "MOUNTAIN LABYRINTH", which i had been working on in 2016. It is now finished and full of symbolism. It is a painting which would always stay in the family, so I am giving it to my sister-in-law, Bettina for her 70th birthday. A good and loving home for a special and emotional painting.


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