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THE MINDS EYE - again!

I have been very busy this June and failed to keep up this blog unfortunately, so going back to the 23rd of May;

Colin Slee, Lucy Lutyens and myself took advantage of the beautiful new Courtyard Gallery in Aldeburgh to exhibit a new version of MINDS EYE which ran from June 23 - 29th. We decided to keep the title as it is very evocative of what we are all wanting to say in our work.

The three of us hope to continue travelling to new venues under the tile.

The show in Aldeburgh was very well received and looked good. It was unfortunate that the building opposite was in mid renovation, prior to becoming a new "L'escargot-sur-mer" restaurant, so we had to contend with banging, drilling and swearing during our week there. We turned up the music, and had some lovely visitors and all made good sales.


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