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Although I am no longer strictly in lockdown, I am still surviving this time of sadness and solitude through the power and comfort of my painting. Each day I am “hungry” to get into my messy studio and begin yet another tussle with the paintings I happen to be working on. I always work in a series which allows me to move from one piece of work to the next. I find this keeps a freshness in my work and stops me from obsessing and overworking, (sometimes!).

In June I was looking forward to taking part in a five-day workshop run by the painter, Emily Ball. The course would have been partly on the cliffs above Seaford in Sussex and finishing in the Seawhite Studios near Brighton. In the present circumstances, the course was offered on line. Instead of Seaford, our gardens became our focus.

I have loved my garden over these summer months, in it I have found a place of beauty, peace and reflexion and I have realized every day this summer how lucky I am to have it.

I began lockdown, painting out my fears and feeling of vulnerability; moving on to working with the garden was a liberating step forward. I will share here (above), some pictures of my messy studio leading to the garden I have loved so much this summer, and a selection of the studies I made in Emily’s course and have continued since:

THE MEMORY TREE Acrylic in cradled board 50 x 50cms

THE ANTHEM OF THE SOIL Acrylic on cradled board 50 x 50cms

WHERE RIVERS ARE BORN Diptych on cradled board 120 x 84cms

OTOÑO PRIMAVERA INVIERNO Set of small paintings depicting the garden through the seasons Acrylic on canvas


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