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It is May 1st 2020, we have now been in "lockdown" since March 23rd because of the terrifyingly deadly Covid 19 pandemic which has raged around the world. We are now confined to our homes for an indefinite amount of time. It is terrifying, attacking anyone and everyone, though people of my age and older are more at risk. So many of us are now living in this strange time of silence and solitude.

I however seem to be one of the lucky ones, I think that the pain and suffering from the last four years has helped me to develop a great deal of resilience and strategies for survival. I find I can paint bigger and wilder canvasses than ever before. There is nothing to lose, I have a wonderful tool for self expression. Here I will share some of the paintings which illustrate my state of mind during this time.

"DISCONNECTION" A canvas painting which

"DISCONNECTION" This acrylic canvas painting (100 x 70 cms), poured from me with energy and

determination. I HAD to paint it to get it out of my system

"THE MAGIC GARDEN OF CHILDHOOD" (Acrylic on canvas 70 x 100cms) In April we had the loveliest of weather this year. I felt the true

joy of working partly inside and partly outside in

my beautiful garden. This painting results from that joy and thankfulness. I was taken emotionally back to a garden of a childhood in Wales were I was a solitary small person having adventures in an overgrown garden full of nature.

"THE SILENT VISITOR" Acrylic on canvas (92 x 92 cms) Here I present my "Covid monster", Again painted very instinctively and relatively quickly. I see this ugly creature creeping silently upon us and attacking indiscriminately.

Two beginnings of new works painted outside in the sunshine. The first will be a diptych.

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